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Dependability. Rugged Reliability. Efficiency. Longevity.

Below are some of the major lines we represent. The craftsmanship, know-how and history of these well-known manufacturers ensure their products achieve specific goals for our customers.

Strict performance requirements and years of research and development make these products among the most reliable on the market. From engineering to manufacturing, testing and installation, we recommend these top manufacturers for commercial and industrial applications, including governmental, educational, medical/research, aviation, and other large facilities.

Products We Represent

We specialize in HVAC commercial and industrial equipment, including cooling towers. Please click on any of the images to browse the manufacturer's website.
Flexible choices, exceptional parts, service and sales support, and proven history are what make Marley products stand out from the rest. Marley/SPX Cooling Technologies is a Cooling Tower Performance Leader in the SPX Corporation, a global provider of technical products and systems, industrial products, flow technology, cooling technologies and service solutions. As an authorized Marley service provider, S & S HVAC was honored with the 2009 Silver Pinnacle Award after our first full year of sales for them.
Kinetics Noise Control has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing innovative products to control sound and vibration. Established in 1958 as engineers focusing on sound and vibration control, Kinetics pioneered development of pre-compressed, molded fiberglass pad isolators that would be incorporated into an innovative new floor isolation system.
Puroflux offers a wide variety of filtration products to satisfy most applications. Standard units are designed to handle a multitude of pressures and flows. Systems can be engineered upon request to fit specific applications and configurations.
Patterson Pump Company is a major manufacturer of high quality, heavy duty pumps and packaged systems for meeting pumping demand in water supply, irrigation, flood prevention and wastewater treatment; for enhancing safety and comfort in HVAC and fire suppression technology; and for industrial solutions to liquid transfer and process heating and cooling needs.
ThermalFlow has developed and engineered a high-quality line of Ultra-Efficient Hybrid HVAC systems and components that utilize time-tested, proven, US Government researched technologies that have been used in large commercial and industrial HVAC systems for many years. ThermalFlow has combined our unique designs and these proven technologies into a complete product line of Ultra-Efficient Hybrid HVAC systems, including Water Cooled Chillers, Hybrid HeatPumps, Hybid-Geothermal HeatPumps, Solar Assisted Hybrid-Geothermal Heat Pumps, and Residential and Commercial Models.
Kelvion one of the leading global manufacturers of heat exchangers and have been providing solutions for almost every industrial application imaginable since the 1920s, specializing in customized solutions suitable for extreme environmental conditions - as of 2015 under the name of Kelvion.

Miller-Leaman manufactures three unique filtration products, a patented line of stainless steel liquid filters/strainers commonly known as the Thompson Filter/Strainer, the Helix Screen/Disc Series and the evolution of automatic disc filtration, the Turbo-Disc filter, along with many custom Filtration systems to meet the needs of our customers.

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